As an art and computer science teacher I hope to reach every student and push him or her to be more visually creative as well as informed on technology and computers. The digital arts is a great way of helping people understand new perspectives and ideas in life. In my tech and art lessons I provide a relation to the students and their goals as an artist. I believe that it is important to show that you understand the problems of the students and provide the positive criticism to help the students grow in the art class.

There are a lot of students that are not getting a technical or creative outlet in school. Students that are able to express themselves creatively and uniquely are able to understand and accept different ways of learning. I believe that the students that are not getting creative arts classes are not getting the chance to learn and practice using their creative skills and imagination. I have experienced many students who’ve never been in art classes and where excited about the new experience and students who felt they didn’t want to be in art class, but by the end of the lesson the same students are wishing they could stay longer and continue the art class. Art provides a fun and engaging way for the students to learn new things as well build on their curiosity.


 I have found that having a creative activity helps with the student’s progress in other school related activities as well. Also when I give a student the ability to perform in engaging and creative environment it helps them gain a sense of accomplishment as well as self-confidence.  I like to see the students explore and find ways to create art using their newfound skills while they develop there on style and unique art. When you let the students learn in a creative atmosphere it brings them to new plane of thought and skill development.


The students that are able to use their creative abilities have a better chance at visualizing their original thoughts and ideas and reaching their goals. Many times children get scattered and off tasked due to all the attention they use on different media sources such as television, the Internet, video games, and cell phones.

Learning Focus Areas


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